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Image & Mark Making in Enamel

Emphasis in this workshop will be on creating exciting surfaces through exploration of nontraditional enameling processes. Line is an important element in composition and we will explore enamel techniques which allow us to achieve lines and images. Develop new compositions and designs in your work by learning to make a variety of lines in enamel. We will explore a range of techniques including mark making, drawing, sgrafitto, and removal. Methods for creating surfaces will include inlaying seed beads and enamel shards, Laser printed decals and stencilling, sgrafitto, graphite, oxide and painting enamels.

Materials Included:

Various enameling supplies including mixing oils and tools to be used during class

Students Must Bring:

Students May Bring:

Drawing on Metal

If you've been dreaming of adding some yummy color to your metal work come and spend 4 fun filled days learning my technique for applying color to copper with colored pencils at Danaca Design. Color, pattern, and texture will be discussed as well as instruction on how to incorporate this technique into pendants, pins, and earrings. Design your own or use my simple pattern to get started. We will work on design, fabrication, and finishing as well. All levels welcome. It's always fun and you'll learn a lot.

Students MUST Bring:

Material KITS Include:

Scotch brite pads, prepped copper samples, chemicals required for prep and finishing.

Instructor Bio:

As a transplanted Midwesterner, it is my good fortune to live and work in the mountains of North Carolina, surrounded by natural beauty and a vibrant craft community. While I spend most of my time as a studio jeweler, selling my work through galleries and at craft shows, I also love teaching workshops. When not in the studio, I am usually working on our house with my partner, David. My work is fueled by a fascination with detail, pattern, and surface; lichen on trees, flaking paint on rusty old metal, the texture and pattern in vintage fabrics, and architectural details just to name a few. I travel whenever possible because each place has it's own way of inspiring me, whether it's the people, the architecture, or natural surroundings.

My creative process is time consuming but drawing on metal provides a surface that is unique and can't be achieved any other way. Colored pencil drawing allows me to blend colors and create patterns that are uniquely mine. I draw on metal because it is strong but easily formed. I create jewelry because I appreciate the intimacy of an art form that is worn on the body and that, historically, carries emotional weight. Jewelry combines so many components that I love: fashion, ornament, art, texture, color, and structure.

Currently I am working on a new line of work that is all about structure and texture but less about color. I'm excited to see where this body of work takes me but I will continue working in color as well. I am especially interested in teaching this style of fabrication and in helping students improve their skills.

Drawings aren't just for the wall, anymore.


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